SPEEDOMICK is currently making his way through South Cumbria, all in the aid of charity.

Today Mick will arrive in Kendal before making his way to Morecambe tomorrow, this is all part of his 'Giving back tour' where he aims to give back to people who have supported him in the past.

Yesterday Speed Mick also known as Michael Cullen, his walking through Cumbria in nothing but his blue Everton speedos, this is all part of his 2,000 mile tour walking around the UK.

Yesterday on his way to Shap, Mr Cullen got caught in a snow storm.

Taking to social media he said: "It's freezing and the rain, wind and now have given me a bettering but that's what this is about. Imagine having to sleep out in this weather."

Mr Cullen is currently walking a 16-mile journey from Shap to Kendal where he will stay the night before heading to Morecambe tomorrow.

So far Mr Cullen has raised £113,870 for charity. On his gofundme page Mr Cullen said: "The reason i am doing the tour is to give back to the people and the communities who have supported me in the past."

If you spot SpeedoMick send us your pictures!