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Special washing up gloves with built-in scourers make doing the dishes a dream

CLEANING fans are going wild for washing up gloves that come with built in scourers to make life so much easier.

The silicone gloves cost just £6 and mean that you can simply wipe away dirt and grime from your dishes while protecting your hands from the water.

The heat-resistant pair can also be used in place of oven gloves and are also perfect for handling raw food.

And cleaning fans can’t get enough of the “magic” product which has received almost exclusively five star reviews on Amazon.

One happy customer wrote: “Very good, much better than the ones I brought from supermarket, don't need to use the cloths to clean the dirty dishes anymore, just use this gloves is enough.”

A second said: “I love these silicone gloves with wash scrubber ! They are super easy to clean. My daughter is allergic to washing up liquid but when she used them she didn’t feel anything .

“She loves them, they are very helpful.”

One mum revealed that her daughter had even offered to do the washing up since purchasing the gloves.

She wrote: “They work really well, apparently you can’t feel the temperature of the water at all and they are really good for scrubbing the dishes.

“And hey, if they get the children doing the dishes, I’m all for it! A great pair of gloves, I recommend them to all.”

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