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Spain suffers worst death toll in single day as 832 die of coronavirus-8000 more infected


Spain has registered a new record number of deaths in a single-day period (Image: nc)

Spain coronavirus

Police escort an ambulance transporting a patient to the Gran hotel Colon makeshift hospital in Madrid (Image: GETTY)

Spain coronavirus

Soldiers or the Armoured Division of the Army are seen controlling Atocha Station (Image: GETTY)

Spain coronavirus

Spanish Civil Guard officers stand guard in a checkpoint (Image: GETTY)

It beats the previous Spanish record of 769 coronavirus deaths which was announced yesterday.

The grim statistic means 5,690 people with the virus have now died in Spain.

The number of new coronavirus cases registered in the past 24 hours is 8,000.

Spanish Ministry of Health figures show 72,248 people have been infected, 40,630 have needed to be hospitalised, 4,575 people have been admitted to intensive care and 12,285 people have been cured of the disease.

Only Italy’s single-day death tally is worse than Spain’s - with 969 dying there from coronavirus in the 24 hours between Thursday and Friday. 

On Monday a second makeshift morgue is due to start functioning in Madrid, Spain’s worst affected area, after a retail centre ice rink where families paid six pounds a time to skate became its first stop-gap body drop because of the saturation funeral parlours were facing.

The new temporary morgue, known locally as the Donut because of the way it looks from the sky, was built to be Madrid’s Institute of Forensic Medicine but never opened.

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