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Spain’s government claims they could return to ‘normal life’ by the end of April – but will holidays resume?

SPAIN's finance minister has claimed that the country could start going back to "normal life" by the end of April amid the current lockdown.

However, holidaymakers are unlikely to be able to return just yet, with many airlines grounding their fleet until at least May.

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Government spokesperson María Jesús Montero said the lockdown, currently in place until April 26, could begin to be lifted and see normality resume.

According to local media, she explained: "We can’t take anything for granted right now, only that the extension of the state of alarm will last until April 26.

"From that moment on, the relaxation [of the confinement orders] will happen progressively so that citizens can begin, in an orderly fashion, to return to normal life, to the streets, to the public squares."

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez told MPs in Madrid that the country was beginning to see the decline of coronavirus, adding: "The fire starts to come under control."

However, the lockdown could be extended for another two weeks, with the decision to be made by parliament - and holidaymakers are unlikely to be returning to the country any time soon.

Airlines including Ryanair and easyJet, who offer low-cost flights to Spain and the islands, have been forced to ground their flights until at least May.

Jet2 announced they would be resuming mid-June - however this depends on the latest lockdown advice in the UK.

Canary Islands president Ángel Víctor Torres has raised concerns of tourism not returning until next year, with the islands likely to miss the peak summer holiday season.

The Balearic Islands could also face similar problems, with the winter months seeing much less tourism due to the colder weather.

Jet2 and easyJet have launched their future flight schedule, with routes to Spain included, but this will not begin until October.

The current lockdown in Spain is one of the strictest in Europe.

Children aren't leaving their homes, people are only allowed out alone and you can be fined if you don't go to your nearest supermarket, according to President of Benidorm's British Businesses Association, Karen Maling Cowles.

She told Sun Online: "Those who have dogs are allowed to walk them a maximum of 100m from their homes and no one goes out for exercise.

"I saw a clip on social media of a girl jogging recently and everyone from the tower block behind her was cheering the police as they slammed her to the floor."

She added that she doesn't expect holidays to return until "June or July" at the earliest.

Spain currently has more than 150,000 cases of coronavirus with 15,000 confirmed deaths.

Experts have warned holidaymakers not to cancel their summer holidays just yet, or you could end up losing your money.

The latest government advice is to avoid travel "indefinitely" which can make it tricky to get refunds from tour operators.

However, it is worth checking the refund policy of the airline or travel agent, as they may be issuing credit notes or refunds up until a certain date.

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