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SpaceX Starship SN10 launch LIVE - Reattempt underway after lift-off of Mars-bound prototype aborted

SpaceX will reattempt a flight test of its Mars-bound Starship spacecraft on Wednesday after the lift-off was aborted with just one tenth of a second left to go on the countdown.

Starship SN10 is on the launchpad at SpaceX’s Boca Chica facility in Texas, and has less than three hours left of its eight hour launch window to achieve what it predecessors could not.

If successful, SN10 will become the first Starship prototype to achieve a landing after flying to a high altitude, with similar tests of SN8 and SN8 ending in fiery explosions.

The launch window runs from 9am local time (3pm GMT) until 6pm (12am GMT, Thursday).

SpaceX will be providing a live stream of the launch, which will go live shortly before the attempt is made.

We will have the stream right here as soon as it’s available, and you can follow all the latest updates right here.


T-minus ~45 minutes

SpaceX’s previous projection means we’re roughly 45 minutes away from a reattempt at the flight test.


Reattempt is on

SpaceX has given an update, saying it plans to recycle the launch and try again in roughly two hours.


SpaceX ‘evaluating data'

SpaceX says it is “evaluating next attempt opportunity” for Starship SN10’s flight test.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more information.


Webcast still live

The official stream of the launch pad is still live, suggesting SpaceX may still attempt to launch Starship SN10 before today’s launch window closes.

They have just less than four hours to make it happen.


Lift-off aborted!

With just one tenth of a second to go on the countdown, SpaceX aborted the launch of Starship SN10.

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