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Social media sensation Salt Bae calls out UFC stars Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov for fight

SALT BAE has beef with Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The Turkish chef, 36, has called out the two MMA stars - claiming he is "ready" to fight.

Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gokce, broke the internet when a video of him flamboyantly sprinkling salt over a steak went viral.

After opening a chain of steakhouses around the world and amassing over 24 million Instagram followers, he has turned his attention to fighting.

Speaking to RT Sport, the 36-year-old called out two of the biggest names in the world of MMA.

When asked who he would fight, he said: "McGregor, Khabib, everybody. I am ready. I respect too much.

"One day if you invite me, I am ready for fighting."

And Gokce revealed how he wakes up early to exercise before he heads off to work.

He said: "You know I am normally a butcher, but also I like sport.

"Every morning, I wake up early, first I do sport then all day working.

"Of course, sport is very important. Also, you know, foods, protein, meat, very important for a sportsman."

In the clip, the 36-year-old worked up a sweat as he was put through his paces in the gym.

After the video did the rounds on Twitter, one fan said: "Let them fight @danawhite."

Another social media user added: "Logan Paul vs Salt Bae."

Salt Bae has entertained some of the world's most famous sports stars in his luxurious restaurants.

France legend Franck Ribery tucked into a monstrous £1,000 gold-covered steak at the start of the year.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang showed off £65,000 worth of bling as he dined out at Gokce's steakhouse in Dubai.

And boxing legend Ricky Hatton joked he woke up in a "puddle of f****** tears" after he spent £835 on Salt Bae's steak.

But Salt Bae's chances of fighting McGregor or unbeaten champion Khabib in the near future are very slim.

The Irish superstar will end his UFC retirement and fight Donald Cerrone on January 18.

And Khabib will defend his UFC lightweight title against Tony Ferguson on April 18 in Brooklyn.

Rio Ferdinand celebrates Kate Wright wedding with Salt Bae

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