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SNP MP has Commons erupt into laughter as he praises 'efficient' EU ahead of trade talks

SNP MP Pete Wishart caused the Conservative benches to burst into laughter as he praised the European Union for their "efficiency" while warning the British Government will be "trounced" during trade talks. Mr Wishart took the floor after Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove unveiled the UK's mandate for trade talks, insisting Boris Johnson will demand Brussels agree to strike a series of free trade agreements protecting current commercial links. But the SNP MP insisted such an agreement would not be reached: "Look at what we’re up against.

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SNP MP Pete Wishart caused laughter in the Commons with his Brexit warning (Image: PARLIAMENT TV)

"It’s the UK up against the efficient, effective WU with their negotiating team."

His statement sparked roaring laughter in the Conservative side of the Commons but Mr Wishart continued on with his warning: "They are laughing, laughing while they’re sitting there with their proposals which mean absolutely nothing.

"They will be trounced by the EU during the negotiating process. Their hard Brexit will do nothing other than hurt my nation.

"Even with one of these FTAs, our GDP will be hurt by 6.1 percent and if they get their cherished no deal, the consequences will be absolutely catastrophic for my nation of Scotland."

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