Brits are being warned by dating experts that they could be 'snowmanned' by the person they've been dating at the start of the New Year.

Festive flings and holiday romances often melt away as January rolls around according to a study conducted by eharmony.

In a poll of 2,000 singletons, they found that more than half (53 percent) had been subjected to snowmanning in the past.

The chilly new dating trend has been coined by eharmony, with the name taking inspiration from the 1982 animated film, The Snowman.

In the movie, the Snowman thaws to nothing but a "distant, enchanting memory" - just as festive flirtations do after January 1.

Holiday romances can be great (stock photo)

The study also found that one-in-six participants often thought people looked more attractive during the Christmas period, perhaps due to beer goggles, while many (56 percent) said they had coupled up just to avoid feeling lonely during the festivities.

Rachael Lloyd of eharmony said: "Christmas is a time for celebration and presents, a great opportunity to socialise and find someone special.

"However, once the drinks stop flowing and decorations come down, sometimes that initial burst of chemistry wears off.

"Our research shows that lots of people then retreat from their new relationships, a trend we are coining snowmanning."

But the festive fling could fizzle out in the New Year (stock photo)

She added: "For those seeking meaningful connections, I'd suggest considering how compatible you are before launching into a Christmas cracker of a fling. That way you'll hopefully avoid getting burnt.

"That's why we do things differently at eharmony - matching you with like minded people that you are guaranteed to get along with for much longer than a season."

A number of other frustrating dating trends have cropped up over recent months, including Fireworking and Paperclipping.

Created by  Grazia,  fireworking occurs when someone goes out with you in order to put on a big display - like a firework display.

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The  date  might be in order to make an old flame feel jealous or just to make them feel good about themselves.

Paperclipping on the other hand was coined by Metro and inspired by the artwork of Samantha Rothenberg, who posts on  Instagram  under the name of VioletClair.

Rothenberg frequently shares illustrations online showcasing the ups and downs of dating in 2019 and one of her recent pieces features Clippy, the annoying digital assistant belonging to Microsoft Office.

Her drawing she reminded people of how Clippy was always popping up, unannounced and unwanted to offer advice on how to use Word.

She compares Clippy to certain people in the dating world today, who do the same - pop up in your life, for absolutely no reason other than to remind you they exist.