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Skins Sid actor Mike Bailey has quit acting to become a teacher – and his pupils have only just realised he’s famous


SKINS actor Mike Bailey has quit acting to become a teacher - and his pupils have only just realised he’s famous.

Mike, 32, shot to stardom playing Sid Jenkins in the teen comedy drama which became a huge hit on E4 back in 2007.

But he's now probably the coolest teacher around after one of his students cottoned on to his past Skins fame and posted a video of him on TikTok.

In the clip, Mike is seen standing at the white board dishing out instructions to a class.

The video was captioned: "Sid from Skins (Mike Bailey) teaches in my school."

After the clip was reposted on Reddit, one person wrote beneath: "Yeah he teaches drama."

Another said: "Tell him he has fans!"

Skins debuted in 2007 and ran for six seasons, with Sid last seen on screen as he landed in New York City in pursuit of his beloved Cassie, who later revealed the pair had gone their separate ways. 

Mr Bailey aka Sid from Skins went on to star in coming of age film We Are The Freaks in 2013 but left the acting world shortly after.

Speaking about moving on from acting, Mike told Radio Times back in 2017: "I kind of thought ‘what the f**k am I doing with my life?’ and ended up getting in a conversation with the wife a couple of years ago and decided that those who can’t act teach.

“10 years ago I never thought I’d still be talking about it, but [Sid] still does pop up every now and again.

"I mean, it’s always kind of been there. It’s kind of fizzled out over the years, but I mean, it was always a good thing."

Skins – created by Bryan Elsley and his son Jamie Brittain – launched the careers of Nicholas Hoult, Kaya Scodelario, and Dev Patel.

Dev, Nicholas and Kaya have gone on to conquer Hollywood.

The show also spawned Game of Thrones stars Hannah Murray and Joe Dempsie, Harry Potter play writer Jack Thorne and People Just Do Nothing director Jack Clough.

Skins legend Kaya Scodelario fronts new drug and sex-fuelled Netflix drama Spinning Out

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