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Sir Keir Starmer may have all the charisma of a cardboard traffic warden but he is not a total idiot

Keir crossroads

THEY say all political careers end in failure, so Sir Keir Starmer is off to a flying start in one respect at least.

And it didn’t take long for his party’s far-Left Tweedledum and Tweedledee, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott, to gleefully pop up to survey the wreckage of Labour’s local elections disaster.

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With jaw-dropping chutzpah, they argue that Starmer bombed because he failed to embrace his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn’s 2019 manifesto.

Anyone who’s not a goldfish will recall just how well that one went for Jezza.

Starmer may have all the charisma of a cardboard traffic warden but he is not a total idiot.

He no doubt sees that one of Labour’s biggest problems remains Corbyn’s malign legacy, still espoused by his acolytes at all levels of the party.

Becoming PM already looks beyond him but he can still serve his country by fully draining the Corbynite swamp.

It’s a thankless task but that way his successor might — just might — be able to make Labour worth listening to again.

Not now, Nic

WE’RE yet to see a development that Nicola Sturgeon is unable to spin into an excuse for a second independence referendum.

And the SNP’s success in last week’s elections has undeniably given her extra ammo, despite more Scots overall voting for parties that oppose independence.

However, there is good reason for Boris Johnson to kick the fizzing can of Irn-Bru as far down the road as possible, even after the pandemic is dealt with.

If any IndyRef2 is delayed until Brexit has had a decade to bed in, Scots would still be leaping into the unknown by leaving the UK . . . but they might have a better idea what they’d be walking away from.

Thank holiday

IT feels like forever ago that the nation stood on doorsteps at 8pm every Thursday to join the Clap for Carers.

But it doesn’t mean we are any less grateful for the sterling work of our NHS stars and all the other heroes who have got us through the pandemic.

That’s why a national Thank You Day on July 4 is such a great idea to remind them how much we value their efforts.

See here to find out how you can join in the celebrations.

Hugs & misses

BORIS Johnson is set to announce today that hugging will soon be allowed again.

However, scientists urge that to play safe, hugs should be short, avoid face-to-face contact and restricted to as few people as possible.

Shouldn’t be a problem — that sounds pretty much like the British method of hugging even before Covid.

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