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Single mum who lost both parents transforms bedroom into a ‘gorgeous’ haven on the cheap – & she did her bathroom too

A SINGLE mum desperate to create a tranquil space for herself has shared the dramatic transformation she created on the cheap.

Jo Thorne, 35, from Croydon, shared the dramatic transformation photos on social media, revealing it had cost her just £25 to panel her bedroom.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital Jo revealed that she was left with her hands full after her parents were killed in the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, and her partner had left her to raise her son Bear, 3, alone.

The advertising executive even had time to update her bathroom into a insta-ready paradise.

Captioning her post she wrote: “How important is it Mummy’s to have your own space.

“I’m a single mum to a 3 year old and his dad has completely abandoned him and both my parents have passed when I was young so I get no support, ‘me time’ or space.

“So I decided to completely overhaul my bedroom. As much as I enjoy co-sleeping with my 3 year old son, it was time to reclaim my bedroom.

“I love DIY and especially doing it cheap. I panelled the back wall all by myself and what’s better is it only cost me £25 to do!!!

“I can’t wait for tonight’s sleep in my new sanctuary and thank god the heat has dropped.

“Fingers crossed my son keeps his mitts off my white sheets 😂”

Jo explained that she had used mdf sheets and nail glue to create the panelled wall, claiming it was “really easy” to do.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, Jo revealed that she had been keen to recreate the decor of one of her childhood holidays.

She said: “I once stayed in a villa in St Kitts in the Caribbean and it was pink and green and I loved it, it reminded me of my childhood so I decided to use that colour scheme.

“As I live in London with the hustle and bustle I wanted to create a soft, feminine country panelling effect.”

The entire project cost Jo £300 to do, and she says that she is over the moon with the results.

She added: “I was blown away with the result. It’s so relaxing and calming and looks expensive.”

Amazingly the single mum also had time to completely transform her bathroom and has set up an Instagram page to showcase her DIY successes.

She said of her bathroom: "I painted my bathroom suite as it was a horrible beige from the 1980’s."

Jo's transformation costs

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