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Singing Ian brightens neighbours' evenings

A WEST Cornforth man has been brightening residents' Saturday evenings by singing in the street.

Ian Brabon, stage name Ian Joseph, before coronavirus sang at venues across the North East.

Now, Ian, 36, who lives in Raisby Terrace in the village live streams his performances on Facebook and performs to his neighbours.

Margaret Smillie, who lives in the street, said: "It's absolutely marvellous. I don't know how we would have coped without him."

Ian sings a mixture of songs and genres and also takes requests from his neighbours.

Margaret added: "Everyone just loves him. He tried to get on the X-Factor. I think they made a mistake - for some of the rubbish they do put on."

Ian works as a postman during the week, with neighbours now calling him the 'singing postman'.

Margaret said: "We wish him all the luck and best for his future - he's such a great neighbour.

"He's been singing for a long, long time. He's got a lovely voice and all the singing gear.

"It boosts us all up. It's a breathe of fresh air, he's lovely.

"He's got a family - a son and his wife - they're a lovely couple."

Ian sings every Saturday between 5pm and 7pm, weather permitting - his son, Dylan, another musical member of the family, also joins him.

Margaret said: "Some people come from round about to listen to his singing."

Ian sang a special performance yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday), which was followed by neighbours organising a bingo game to raise money for the NHS.

Speaking yesterday (Monday), Ian said: "It's just been once a week every Saturday I have been going live. Quite a bit in the house on Facebook.

"I've been singing round pubs and clubs around the North East - but that all stopped.

"I'm also a postman that's why I do it on a weekend.

"To be honest I did it in my living room - I said I am going to go live, someone from the street said why don't you do it outside.

"They love it.

"I love singing, if I can give something back I am willing to do it.

"I play a mixture of all sorts of music. I get a lot of requests. When I go live every time, people make comments and my wife writes them down and I try sing them if I have the backing tracks for it and if I know the song, I'm happy to sing it.

"I hope it keeps people happy during this time - it's just to keep people going because we can't leave the house obviously it gives them something on their doorsteps.

"Neighbours are wanting to do bingo after I go live - a lady over the road is going to give away prizes - it's just something a little bit different.

"It keeps people happy to try and get through this difficult time."

Dylan, Ian's son, who is a singer as well, and a big fan of Ed Sheeran also sang yesterday.

"Dylan loves music," Ian said, "he sings in his bedroom."

You can see Ian singing on his YouTube channel 'Ian Joseph Brabon'.

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