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Simone Biles’ abuser Larry Nassar ‘spent $10,000 on prison perks’ despite paying just $100 a YEAR to perv doc’s victims

FORMER US Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar spoiled himself with more than $10,000-worth of prison perks while paying just $100 a year to victims, it was reported Wednesday.

Nassar, 57, who was convicted of sexually violating female athletes including Simone Biles for decades, spent just £8.33 per month over his three years in prison to cover his penalties - despite receiving deposits into his account over this period totaling $12,825, according to a court filing by Assistant U.S. Attorney Joel Fauson.

The sum is far short of Nassar’s court-ordered payment owed to the Crime Fund set up to compensate some of his victims. 

The convicted sex offender dipped deep into his government-run account by spending nearly $10,784 on extra food, phone and email privileges, the Washington Post reported.

That amount was aired after prosecutors on Wednesday filed a motion to prod the Bureau of Prisons to forfeit Nassar's current prison account balance, which is now $2,041.57, to remit a court-mandated $5,300 to the federal Crime Victims Fund. 


The court effort to collect Nassar’s prison piggy bank was supported by attorneys repping Nassar's victims, including superstar and Olympic champ Simone Biles, who recently bowed out of the Tokyo Olympics team finals and the All Around contest on Tuesday, citing mental health issues.

In January 2018, she posted on Twitter: "I too am one of the many survivors that were sexually abused by Larry Nassar.

"Please believe me when I say it was a lot harder to first speak those words out loud than it is now to put them on paper.

"There are many reasons that I have been reluctant to share my story, but I know now it is not my fault."

If the Bureau of Prisons isn’t enforcing these policies with Larry Nassar — who is among the worst of offenders — then which inmates are held to account?

Jason WojdyloRetired U.S. Marshals Service member

The apparent shorting of his victims had one former federal marshal fuming. 

“If the Bureau of Prisons isn’t enforcing these policies with Larry Nassar — who is among the worst of offenders — then which inmates are held to account,” Jason Wojdylo, a recently retired U.S. Marshals Service member told the Post. 

He claims the Bureau of Prisons is flat-footed in its approach to force felons to pay restitution and other debts.

According to Nassar’s 2017 federal plea, he must pay a minimum of $25 every three months in federal judgments. 

“All monies received from income tax refunds, lottery winnings, judgments, and/or any other anticipated or unexpected financial gains to any outstanding court-ordered financial obligations must be applied,” the document states, according to the Washington Post.

The court filing in the child pornography case, states that Nassar, who is imprisoned held at a high-security prison in central Florida after he was first sentenced to more than 175 years behind bars, hasn’t paid any of the $57,488.52 to five of his victims. 

They are identified as anonymous Child 10, Child 11, Child 28, Child 29, and Child 30.

In addition, the Post reported that Michigan state court records show Nassar still owes $834 after he pleaded guilty to charges of abusing children.

Nassar copped to penetrating females with ungloved hands during visits to treat various injuries.

The number of victims who have come forward exceeds 250, going back decades.

Nassar, who was stripped of his physician's license in April 2018, admitted his conduct lacked any legitimate medical purpose and that he did not have any of the female victims’ consent.

He was handed a 60-year sentence for possessing child pornography after being found with 37,000 images of child pornography.

Then, on Feb. 5 of this year Nassar was all but assured he would die behind bars when a judge tacked on an additional 40 to 125 years in prison three more sex offenses.

The move brought Nassar's total amount of time behind bars up to 360 years.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina told Nassar she had "just signed his death warrant" because he "did not deserve to walk outside a prison ever again."

Nassar's big-spending ways were revealed weeks after the US Department of Justice Inspector General released a 119-page report blaming the FBI field office in Indianapolis for failing to respond to allegations Nassar was molesting young athletes with the “utmost seriousness and urgency that they deserved and required.”

And when FBI officials finally pursued the claims of Nassar’s illegal conduct, the report said FBI officials made “numerous and fundamental errors” and skirted critical bureau policies. 

The IG report is the product of interviews with more than 60 witnesses, including victims, their parents, prosecutors and both current and former FBI employees.

Most glaring of the many missteps by the FBI was its lapse in initiating any probe until more than a month after meeting with USA Gymnastics officials back in 2015.

It was that same year that USA Gymnastics cut ties with Nassar and Michigan State University fired him.

Simone Biles says she took a step back from the team so she doesn't cost them a medal as she focuses on her mental health

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