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Sick Vladimir Putin "has no long life before him," spy officials claim

Ukrainianintelligence chiefs claimed thatRussian President Vladimirputinwas ill and "has no longevity before him." ..

Ukrainian spy chief Maj. Gen. Kirilo O. Budanov states that Putin suffers from some "serious" illnesses and does not need to live long.

Based on this information, Maj. Gen. Bundanov claimed that Putin had a lifespan of only two years. He also previously told Skynew that Putin was suffering from cancer,Yorkshire Live reports.

The Russian government has denied this report. The last time Russian media reported Putin's illness, he returned to 2012, when he missed some public involvement.

Budanov also claimed that Ukraine was on the verge of a major victory in hopes of a "victory" by August. He said Ukraine's success with the Russians "eventually led to a change in the leadership of the Russian Federation," and the coup "has already begun."

Former CIA Moscow boss David Hoffman also said plans to expel the Russian president may already be underway. The batter comes out of blue when the plotter attacks before Putin suspects.

The conflict has been going on since 2014, but Russia officially invaded Ukraine four months ago, but at present it is unknown and estimated how many troops the two countries have lost. Values ​​range in the tens of thousands.

The Russian economy is also heavily affected by Western sanctions, with several prominent companies like McDonald's and Nike withdrawing abroad. Some experts predict that Russia's economy will shrink as imports decline by 40%.

Meanwhile, Budaniv was optimistic about Ukraine's potential. "Ukraine's defense has been going on for four months and Severodonetsk's defense has been going on for over four weeks," he said.

However, Russian troops recently occupied the city of Severodonetsk, and in the Luhansk region of Donbas, only the city of Lysychansik was under Ukrainian control.

Budanov said: 50} "This is just a tactical reorganization," he added. "And, as you can see, tactical restructuring is taking place throughout Ukraine. In certain areas of the front line, we have successfully counterattacked, and in certain areas of the front line, we have successfully defended.

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