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'Sick and tired!' Scots turn on Sturgeon over Euros tweet 'Going to call a replay?'

Nicola Sturgeon urges fans to 'enjoy Euro match safely'

Scotland’s First Minister was met with criticism from furious Scots on Twitter after claiming the national team “played your hearts out.” She wrote: “Not to be, but thank you @ScotlandNT for taking us to our first men’s tournament in 23 years - you’ve played your hearts out and we’ve been proud to cheer you on.”

One Scottish football fan replied: “Sorry FM, but I, for one, am heartily sick and tired of being ‘courageous losers’.

“That was a must-win game for us and we didn't even come close.

“If Wales can do it, so should we. Excuses and platitudes just don't cut it, any more.

“Simply not good enough.”

Nicola Sturgeon

'Sick and tired!' Scots turn on Sturgeon over Euros tweet 'Going to call a replay?' (Image: Getty)

Another Scottish fan called on the First Minister to “congratulate your neighbours,” adding that she should “show a bit of class.”

A third Scottish commenter tweeted: “Once in a generation result tonight.

“Is it true you’ve called for a replay next week?”

One commenter even claimed the team had “shamed Scotland.”

They added: “Two games lost, one draw.

“A single goal scored the entire tournament.

“It's a disgrace. I really think you need to condemn them Nicola, they've let you down big time.”

England and Scotland had drawn 0-0 in their second game of Group D at Wembley last Friday.

Despite the result, the Scots received widespread praise for their performance.

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