Great Britain

Shoppers flout coronavirus lockdown to stock up on balloons and plant pots


HUNDREDS of shoppers spotted defying government orders to stay at home and only shop for essential items at The Range in Bristol and Southampton.

People of all ages were seen coming out of the store with goods ranging from plant pots, a cat play centre, to a mixing bowl and whisk. 

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The threat of picking up coronavirus seemed to be a distant thought for the shoppers who can also be seen striding out the store with wallpaper, cushions and mats. 

One had a box of Marvin's Magic Freaky Body Illusions — arguably not what the government envisioned as part of its so-called "essential goods".

The draconian measures were introduced to help stop the spread of coronavirus after thousands of British people appeared to be ignoring advice on social distancing.

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) said some retailers had been told by police and local authorities to restrict what they sold.

This includes Easter eggs which ACS chief executive James Lowman has dismissed as "complete nonsense".

As part of its lockdown measures, the Government has ordered pubs, restaurants and nearly all shops to shut.

New regulations mean fines can be dished out for those flouting the rules. 

The weekend before the harsh rules were introduced parks and beauty spots had been packed out.

Supermarkets employ BOUNCERS to police coronavirus panic buying shoppers and make sure NHS workers can shop freely

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