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Shocking moment woman has ‘Exorcist-style’ meltdown on flight as she climbs chairs screaming ‘we’ll f**k all night’

THIS is the moment a woman has an "Exorcist-style" meltdown while climbing the seats of a sitting plane as terrified passengers look on.

Viral video shows a woman on a Detroit, Michigan-bound plane Sunday several feet off the ground as she hangs onto the overhead luggage bin and climbs over the plane seats - all while screaming a number of curses at helpless passengers.

"S--t!" the woman screams off camera when the video first starts. "S--t," she repeats, before continuing: "B---hes! S--t! F--k!"

The video pans over to the aisle where the woman is hanging onto the top of airplane seats while banging on the overhead luggage bin.

"We're going to f--k all night, b---h" she started screaming as she climbed further up the airplane seats. "We're gonna f--k all night, b---h" she repeats again.

"B---h! B---h, that's it," the woman then screams as she attempts to climb over the next set of seats in front of her.

She repeats "we're gonna f--k all night, b---h" as she continues climbing seats and contorting her body through the aisle. Passengers are heard mumbling offscreen and questioning her motives.

As this continues for 45 seconds, three men approach and grab the woman, who is left hanging from the overhead storage cabin. As they hold onto her wrists and walk her down the aisle, she is heard heavily breathing and again repeating "b---h."

"Just tryna go home," says a man off camera, as another women is heard agreeing.

The video has been viewed over 300,000 on World Star Hip Hop, where it has also received close to 1500 comments, many of whom are likening the woman's actions to the demon-possessed character in the 1973 horror classic "The Exorcist."

"damn I was expecting that crzy bih spider walking on the ceiling of that plane like the girl in The Exorcist," wrote one user.

"What in The Exorcist type of s--t is this" wrote another, as others commented on the possible demon she may be hosting.

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