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Shocking moment ‘morality police’ use dog-catcher’s pole to haul woman into van ‘for failing to wear headscarf’ in Iran

SHOCKING footage has emerged of ‘morality police’ in Iran using a dog catcher’s pole to haul a woman into a van for not wearing a headscarf.

The video shows the woman lying on the pavement struggling with a man and a woman who are holding her by the arm and leg.

The footage was was posted to Twitter by Iranian journalist and activist Masih earlier this month and has since been viewed 112,800 times.

It shows another female officer inside the van using the dog catchers’ pole with the noose around the woman's ankle to drag her into the van as she continues to struggle.

The brutal footage continues with the female officer grabbing the woman by her hair and her and as her and her colleague try to force her into the vehicle.

Despite her managing to force herself out briefly, the woman is eventually bundled in and the door slammed shut.

The Alinejad wrote above the video: "Police use a catch pole to snare women for the crime of not wearing hijab in Iran.

“They have used guns and bullets, baton charges, acid attack imprisonments and now catch poles, used to trap wild animals, to silence women.”

It is not clear when or where in Iran the video was filmed, and the identity of the detained woman is unknown, as is her fate.

Women who fail to wear the hijab headscarf in the Middle Eastern country face being charged with “inciting corruption and prostitution” which can earn them up to a decade in prison.

Alinejad, who is based in the UK and USA, became known internationally after starting the online movement 'My Stealthy Freedom' in 2014.

The movement encourages Iranian women to post photos of themselves online without their headscarves.

In 2017, she started the 'White Wednesdays' campaign, which encourages women to ditch their headscarves on Wednesdays or wear white shawls in protest against compulsory hijab laws.

In response, Tehran police deputy chief Colonel Morad Moradi’s claimed woman was being “aggressive” towards officers before she was restrained.

He told the state-run ISNA news agency further charges had been brought by a local shop owner but refused to give details. 

Moradi wouldn’t say the woman was injured during the arrest but said footage would be investigated.

Bur Ms Alinejad hit back saying “when women resist being arrested for not wearing hijab, regime makes up other charges, and accuses unveiled women of prostitution or creating moral corruption”.

She slammed his suggestion police would be held to account as a “big lie”.

“Last time when morality police savagely beat women, police showed the same reaction,” she said.

“But as soon as the atmosphere calmed down, they prosecuted the woman who filmed it.”