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Shocking images show half-starved dogs covered in ear mites after being abandoned in Tenerife


SHOCKING images show five starving and tick-infested dogs that were left to die inside a Canary Islands cave.

The horrific images were shared by an animal shelter after the dogs were found with their fur and ears riddled with bloated ticks on an island of British tourist haunt Tenerife.

According to the Daily Star, three of the five sandy-brown coloured dogs had microchips and were found in the hot sun without food and water.

The poor animals' ribs can be seen in the pictures which also shows their matted hair and ears covered in clumps of mites.

Police found the dogs abandoned in a cave in the region of San Cristobal de La Laguna and took them to be treated by vets at the Albergue Comarcal Valle Colino animal shelter.

Staff at the animal shelter posted on Facebook to say had run out of words after discovering the neglected dogs who had been living in "hell".

They also said a complaint had been filed with the local authorities and paid tribute to the Guardia Civil de Radazul and local police for their rescue.

The dogs were reportedly owned by a hunter who kept them in a ravine cave near the town of Tabaida.

They will remain at the shelter for treatment until they are well enough to be adopted.

It is unclear whether the hunter has been arrested for animal abuse.

The news comes after thugs tied a huge rock to the Belgian Shepherd Bella and threw her into the River Trent to drown.

Bella was dragged to safety by heroic Jane Harper who spotted the struggling pooch in Nottinghamshire.

The Belgian Shepherd is now on the mend and is being looked after by vets.