A CONVICTED sex offender who moved in with a female friend after his own property was targeted by vigilantes failed to tell the police where he was living.

Blackburn magistrates heard the whereabouts of Sheldon Liam Bateson were discovered when officers were called to a domestic between him and his girlfriend.

Bateson, 33, of Accrington Road, Burnley, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with requirements of the sex offender register.

He was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £122 victim surcharge.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said Bateson was put on the sex offender register following a conviction for possessing and distributing child pornography.

On Saturday police were called to Queen Victoria Street, Blackburn, to a report of a domestic incident.

Bateson was at the address and it became apparent he had been living there for four weeks.

Richard Prew, defending, said his client had not intended to lose contact with the authorities. All supervision had finished.

"As a result of his previous behaviour he has no family or friends to turn to," said Mr Prew.

"He knew the female involved in this incident some years ago and they made contact through the dating app called Badu."

He said the defendant's address in Burnley had been targeted by locals who had learned of his previous conviction.

"He felt very scared and went to the address in Blackburn where the female friend was happy to take him in," said Mr Prew.