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Sex lasts longer for couples Sheffield than anywhere else in Britain, study finds


SEX lasts longer for couples in Sheffield than anywhere else in Britain, a study shows.

Some 46 per cent in the Steel City said their average romp exceeds 15 minutes — the best UK nookie average.

That out-strips those in Portsmouth, where 19 per cent said sessions last over a quarter of an hour.

Bradford came second with 41 per cent going for 15 minutes followed by Bournemouth and Preston on 38 per cent.

Bolton couples came fourth with 37 per cent saying they broke 15 minutes followed by Newcastle and Birmingham joint fifth with 36 per cent lasting longer.

Middlesborough couples came sixth with 35 per cent lasting longer than 15 minutes followed by Leeds, Leicester and London joint seventh with 33 per cent breaking 15 minutes.

British city's nookie average

Percentage of people by town and city who answered “yes” when asked if sex lasted longer than 15 minutes:

  1. Sheffield - 46 per cent
  2. Bradford - 41 per cent
  3. Bournemouth - 38 per cent
  4. Preston - 38 per cent
  5. Bolton - 37 per cent
  6. Newcastle - 36 per cent
  7. Birmingham - 36 per cent
  8. Middlesborough - 35 per cent
  9. Leeds - 33 per cent
  10. Leicester - 33 per cent
  11. London - 33 per cent
  12. Sunderland - 32 per cent
  13. Norwich - 32 per cent
  14. Manchester - 32 per cent
  15. Luton - 32 per cent
  16. Wolverhampton - 30 per cent
  17. Cardiff - 29 per cent
  18. Milton Keynes - 29 per cent
  19. Liverpool - 28 per cent
  20. Reading - 28 per cent
  21. Derby - 24 per cent
  22. Peterborough - 25 per cent
  23. Nottingham - 25 per cent
  24. Brighton - 21 per cent
  25. Portsmouth - 19 per cent

Sunderland, Norwich, Manchester and Luton couples came eighth on 32 per cent followed by Wolverhampton ninth on 30 per cent and Cardiff and Milton Keynes joint tenth on 29 per cent.

Angela Crouch, of mattress firm Nectar Sleep which did the poll, said: “For many people, their bed is their happy place which is why we were interested to see how long sex lasted.

“If you live in Sheffield - a good mattress is essential.”

Having sex after heart attack could boost chances of survival, experts claim

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