A serial killer nurse who murdered patients by injecting them with air “for fun” has been sentenced to death in Texas.

William George Davis, 37, killed four people during 2017 and 2018 while working in the cardiovascular casualty department at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas, a court heard.

Smith County district attorney Jacob Putman said during the trial that a hospital “is the perfect place for a serial killer”.

Davis was found guilty on October 19 by a jury of injecting air into Christopher Greenaway, 47; Jose Kalina, 58; Ronald Clark, 68; and John Lafferty, 74.

The court heard that doctors were puzzled how the patients became more ill after surgery and scans showed air in their brains, reported the New York Times.

Christopher Greenaway was at the Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital for heart surgery and died after being injected with air

Joseph Kalina was a victim of Davis who killed his patients "for fun"

Davis was found to be the only nurse on duty at the times of the deaths and video footage showed him entering one patient’s room before the heart monitor sounded three minutes later.

Mr Putman reportedly told the jury during the opening of the trial: "We're going to ask you to find him guilty of capital murder because that's what he did."

Prosecutors said Davis was a serial killer who “enjoyed” injecting air into patients without anyone watching, reported the New York Times.

"(He) liked to kill people," prosecutor Chris Gatewood said during closing arguments.

The court was told that hospitals are the "perfect places" for serial killers (


KSLA News)

"He enjoyed going into the rooms and injecting them with air. If you watch the video on (Joseph) Kalina, he sat at the end of the hall and he watched those monitors and he waited. That’s because he liked it."

Phillip Hayes, defending, had told the jury that the hospital had many problems and that Davis was purely at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This was dismissed by the jury as was the argument that the patients had underlying medical conditions and had shown signs of a watershed stroke where there is a lack of blood to the brain.

Davis is now in custody at the Smith County jail on a $8.75million bond, according to the New York Times.

The jury only took two hours to make a decision and after Wednesday's sentencing Mr Putman said: "I don't know why they deliberated a short amount of time but if I had to guess it would be the case that the detectives put together was so strong. It didn’t leave a doubt in their mind."

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