The president of the Barbarians is considering taking legal action after former Wales fly-half Jonathan Davies and ex-England captain Dylan Hartley voiced their criticism over Saturday's cancelled match against Samoa.

The fixture was cancelled just 90 minutes before it was meant to get under way at Twickenham following six positive Covid tests in the Barbarians' camp.

Davies branded the 11th-hour development an "utter shambles" and cited last year's cancellation of their fixture with England, when 13 players broke the Covid protocols to widespread criticism. Hartley described the situation as "beyond embarrassing".

“I am seething about the comments of Jonathan Davies and Dylan Hartley," Spencer told The Times. "We are accused of being disorganised and a shambles and our main concern is to ensure there is no long-term harm to the Barbarians. As a lawyer I am seriously considering our [legal] position on this and it is in my mind.

“We could not have been more careful this time and the players have been more than responsible. The team and management were tested every day and we also had PCR tests on Friday and we had a team ready to go onto the pitch that was Covid free.

“There is, apparently, a difference between what happened with positive tests in the England camp in the autumn Tests which was viewed as ‘isolated’ and the ‘uncontrolled outbreak’ view to our situation. That makes it sound like we have not controlled ourselves which is not the case. We couldn’t have done anything more.

“When we did go out for a meal in the week we were in a separate part of the restaurant and all went by taxi. They have not misbehaved and no blame whatsoever should be placed on either the management or players. We put in place the elite sport bubble protocols and fully observed them.”

Speaking about the decision to cancel the match, the RFU branded the situation an "emerging and uncontrolled outbreak."

They said in a statement: “Due to the number of Covid-19 cases identified and specifically the timescales and trajectory of the increase in cases over the week within the Barbarians squad and consistent with the Covid-19 epidemiological definitions, the Testing Oversight Group considered this to be an emerging and uncontrolled outbreak of Covid-19.”