The ‘secrets behind’ Queen Elizabeth II’s reign are set to be revealed in a new Channel 4 documentary.

A three-part series will look at declassified documents including letters, diaries, eye-witness testimony and audio recordings to explore Her Majesty’s life.

It will look at the monarch’s relationship with husband Prince Philip and other members of her family, as well as British and foreign politicians.

The documentary – which has the working title of Royals Declassified – will also feature interviews with ‘royal insiders’, historians and politicians, Channel 4 has said.

The first episode will explore the Queen’s relationships with prime ministers, ‘including mounting tensions with Margaret Thatcher that threatened a constitutional crisis’.

Meanwhile, the second episode ‘sheds fresh light on the tensions she’s experienced between the demands of her family and her role as monarch’.



The final piece of the show ‘explores how a spy passing information to the Soviets was able to work for so many years in Buckingham Palace’ in reference to the Queen’s art adviser Anthony Blunt who was exposed as a Russian spy.

Shaminder Nahal, Channel 4 commissioning editor, specialist factual, said: ‘From the Queen’s relationships with her prime ministers, to the extraordinary story of the spy in the palace and some of the Queen’s family secrets – this series brings many intriguing aspects of the history of the Crown to life in primary colour – with wit, verve and fascinating detail.’

Dan Chambers, creative director of producers Blink Films, said: ‘What makes these films so compelling is the new evidence we’ve uncovered both from declassified documents and from contributors.’

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