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Seattle pays ex-PIMP $150k a year as ‘street czar’ to find ‘alternatives to policing’ in city he once ‘declared war’ on

THE City of Seattle is paying a convicted pimp $150,000 a year to come up with "alternatives to policing," according to reports.

Andre Taylor, who is reportedly getting $12,500 per month for a year, appeared in the documentary American Pimp about his life as “Gorgeous Dre.”

Taylor's salary was revealed in a contract published by PubliCola.

Speaking to KOMO News, the former pimp said his payment is for his “particular genius in a particular area," declaring he can talk to “gang members, pimps and prostitutes” who “won’t sit down with anybody else.”

Taylor also told the Seattle Times: “Not too many people can go talk to gangbangers in their territory, and then go talk to the government in their territory."

A year ago, his organization, Not This Time, was paid $100,000 to sponsor series of speakers that was called “Conversations with the Streets.”


According to reports, Taylor – whose brother Che Taylor was killed by police in 2016 – led one of the first rallies to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

He once vowed to “go to war” with the city and was later accused of trying to gain millions of dollars from Seattle authorities for militants who set up the controversial police-free Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) zone.

In a recording published by the Seattle Times, Taylor told activists, "Don't just leave. Leave with something."

Taylor then told militants to demand $2 million to leave the site, which received widespread coverage during Black Lives Matter protests.

The paper said Taylor was then given the six-figure contract on the day he appeared at a press conference with the mayor, telling militants to shut down CHOP.

This move, some militants said, was seen as an act of betrayal.

Taylor has been quoted as saying: “Black people as a whole have not been in a place to be compensated for their genius or their work for a very, very long time."

In 2000, Taylor found notoriety in Las Vegas, where he was sentenced to more than five years in prison, serving a little more than one, previous reports claim.

According to court reports in the Las Vegas Sun, some of the girls pimped out by Taylor were underage.

In a YouTube video earlier this year, Taylor declared, “I was born from the streets; I come out of the deep darkness.”

He then bragged how he “had children with some of the women who were with me” when he was a pimp.

Mayor Jenny Durkan’s spokesperson Kelsey Nyland told the Seattle Times the contract was offered because of an “existing working partnership.”

Taylor's group was chosen because of its “lived experience with the criminal legal system, and their history of successful advocacy and activism on issues of policing and dismantling systemic racism," Nyland added.

The spokesperson said that the city is spending millions a year on similar contracts.

Pimp turned activist Andre Taylor stars under name Gorgeous Dre in documentary American Pimp

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