Growing up with Scottish parents, or grandparents, you are never surprised by how economical they can be words and phrases.

From quick thinking responses to words of wisdom, they may have gotten slower in their old age but their skill with words certainly hasn't.

When you were a kid, (and sometimes while you were an adult) they would only need to use one word to cut you down to size or keep you in line.

Here are some of our favourite examples of those words that would mean a hell of a lot more.

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Meaning - That's great/delicious/tasty.

Usually said in response to a question it means it's good.


Meaning - You've been warned!

The slightly more dangerous shortened version of "You've been telt!", meaning you are on your final warning.


Meaning - Keep quiet/stop talking!

A shortened version of "Shut your face".

Finger on lips as man gesturing shhh sign, please be silent concept with selective focus


Meaning - Beat it/leave/get out my face!


Meaning - That's absolutely disgusting. Can also be said in response to something embarrassing.


Meaning - Don't you dare even think about attempting what you're thinking about doing!


Meaning - Up the road with you, now.

You were usually past the point of arguing when this was said.


Meaning - That's enough of that!


Meaning - Let's go/Come with me (short for 'Come on!')

Usually said with a nod in the direction they wanted you to go in - usually the one you didn't want to go in.


Meaning - Excuse me, what did you just say!?

Also a favourite of teachers, this is shorthand for any question that usually means you're about to get into trouble.


Meaning - You are talking nonsense!

The usually curt response to any time they thought you were having them on or making excuses.

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