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'Scottish independence movement must stop shouting and start thinking' - Jim Sillars

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: PA
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: PA

Writing in The Scotsman, the former deputy SNP leader, Jim Sillars says the independence movement must 'stop marching and start thinking.'

Let all of us in the independence movement hope that Boris Johnston is not as astute in dealing with his Scottish problem as he has proved in setting out his negotiating position with the EU – ­otherwise he would ­readily give Nicola Sturgeon her indyref2 for next year, so we could fight it in a land awash with the negative consequences of the Alex ­Salmond trial, whatever its verdict.

It is time for Nicola’s nonsensical policy to end – time for ceasing to march, and start thinking instead.

Brexit will create a new ­economic and political paradigm, and, until we know the final UK-EU treaty terms, and see how they work out in practice, there can be no sensible deployment of the new case that will be required to ­persuade previous No voters to opt for independence.

I would also urge the movement’s leaders to read the English Tory papers, where the idea is forming of offering Scots a federal relationship with the rest of the UK. How would the SNP leadership ­handle a campaign that borrowed from the party’s 2011 manifesto, with two questions on the ballot – independence or federal?

As I say, it is time to stop shouting and time to think. Jim Sillars, Edinburgh