Police are warning Scots to be wary of sextortion when online.

Sextortion is a type of cyber-enable extortion.

Victims are threatened with their sexual information being shared.

This is usually in the form of photographs or video clips, but these images and clips might not even exist.

Attackers will threaten their victims in a bid to extort cash from them.

A spokesperson from Police Scotland said: "Many people use webcams for business, gaming or to enhance their online chat experience but sometimes people you meet online aren't always who they say they are.

"The extortion often takes place when the unknown person, the offender, persuades you, the victim, to remove your clothes in front of your webcam and perform sexual acts.

"You believe this to be a private act - but it is not.

"The offender, unbeknown to you is recording everything that you do.

"Very soon afterwards the offender will threaten you.

"They may demand money and threaten to share the images or videos with your friends on social media, or share publicly."

In a bid to help prevent Scots falling victim to extortion Police Scotland released the following tips;

* Be cautious when using a webcam and only activate your camera when you know who you are talking to or when you want to.

* Do not share sexual images or videos of yourself or others.

* If you have any doubts, are concerned about who you are talking to or need any support or advice, please contact the Police or a support agency immediately.

Head to the Police Scotland website for full information and more advice on how to avoid sextortion.