A vile predator carried out sex attacks against a schoolgirl while her mother was battling illness.

Simon White met the youngster when she was around 13 or 14 and preyed on her under the guise of helping out her sick mum.

The 51-year-old would stay over at her home - often walking around in only his underwear - and cup the girl’s breasts while telling her she was “beautiful”.

On one occasion, the pervert targeted the girl with depraved abuse when she was staying over at his Edinburgh home.

White appeared at the city’s sheriff court on Friday and admitted lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour towards the victim.

Fiscal depute Anna Chisholm said White was introduced to the girl at a time when her mum was seriously ill and was undergoing treatment.

Ms Chisholm said White would stay over at their home and looked after the teen “intermittently” while sleeping in the living room or another bedroom.

Depraved White would tell the victim she was "beautiful' during abuse.
Depraved White would tell the victim she was "beautiful' during abuse.

The girl thought White was “helpful” at first, the court heard, but later noticed behaviour which made her uneasy.

The prosecutor said White would “walk around the house in only his underwear at any time of the day”.

She added the accused became “over-familiar” and “subjected (the girl) to unwanted physical contact”.

White would call to the girl when she went past his sleeping area, the court was told, and tried to “engage her in conversation” and get her to come into his room.

He would cuddle the girl, often from behind and in his underwear, Ms Chisholm said, and the victim lacked the confidence as a child to “voice her discomfort”.

Ms Chisholm said White’s actions “escalated” and he would “cup (the girl’s) breasts over her clothing while cuddling her”, making comments that she was “beautiful” and a “boyfriend would be lucky to have her”.

White pled guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.
White pled guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

The court heard the girl’s friend was staying at her home on one occasion when this touching happened and afterwards the victim burst into tears in front of her pal.

Ms Chisholm said the youngster’s sick mum was unaware of the abuse and arranged for her daughter to stay over with White in Edinburgh.

She said White would pick up the girl from the train station and they went to his one-bedroom address in the city.

The court heard the girl had to share his bed and White would roll over and hug her from behind.

One one occasion, he gave her alcohol while he drank beers and later appeared wearing only boxer shorts. Ms Chisholm told how White ran his penis over the girl’s back while cupping her breasts. She added White told the terrified girl she was “beautiful” during the 20-minute ordeal and ejaculated on her back.

The court heard the girl began making excuses to avoid seeing White and her mother started recovering from her illness.

White will be sentenced next month.
White will be sentenced next month.

Ms Chisholm said the girl made a “partial disclosure” of White’s behaviour to her mum when she was 18 after White contacted her again on Facebook. She later disclosed the full story to her husband in 2014 and contacted police.

Cops tried unsuccessfully to track down White until the victim later found and passed on information from his Facebook account which led to him being traced and arrested.

White admitted carrying out the abuse during a two-year period in the early 2000s, touching the girl’s breasts on three occasions and rubbing his penis on her on one occasion.

Sheriff Nigel Ross deferred sentence on White until next month for reports and placed him on the sex offenders register.