A violent brute has been jailed after abducting a vulnerable young mum by locking her inside her home and refusing to let her leave- just days after she gave him a place to stay.

Barry McCafferty claimed to be homeless and suffering from cancer when he met the Good Samaritan during a mental health support group at Leverndale Hospital in Glasgow.

After recently losing her own mother to breast cancer, the victim, who has asked not to be named, offered the 28-year-old a place to stay as he allegedly waited for an operation.

But his twisted web of lies soon began to unravel with the truth about his violent past being brought to the woman’s attention.

The Laverndale Hospital in Glasgow's Crookston

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She told McCafferty, who is originally from Shotts, to leave on February 23 but the brute instead locked her inside the property and refused to let her leave.

She claims he also launched a savage attack on her.

Images show the woman's injuries she claims she suffered at the hands of Barry McCafferty

Bizarrely, the thug then called the police himself and claimed the victim was threatening to kill herself - sparking an emergency response.

But the 27-year-old victim told how officers became suspicious when they arrived and saw large chunks of her hair scattered across the floor alongside other signs of a disturbance.

McCafferty was found guilty of abducting his victim and detaining her against her will, refusing to leave when asked to do so, taking her mobile phone from her, preventing her from leaving, refusing to allow her to leave, locking the door, removing and taking control of the key, all to her injury.

McCafferty was originally charged with seizing her by the hair, pulling her to the ground and causing her to strike her head on a radiator but this was deleted from the charge he was eventually convicted on.

Police officers became suspicious when they arrived and saw large chunks of her hair scattered across the floor

Following a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court he was sentenced to 18 months backdated to February 24.

His victim, a young mum, believes he manipulated her after learning about her mother’s death nine months previously and fears he could target other vulnerable women.

She said: “In February, I let Barry McCafferty stay at my house after meeting him at a mental health support group in hospital.

“I was in for a medication review for 12 days and I was let back out again. I think he had been in for a few weeks before me.

“We were doing group therapy and that’s where we met. My head was all over the place because I had lost my mum to breast cancer nine months before and my mental health had dipped.

“We just started talking amongst ourselves and he started telling me that he didn’t have anyone, that he didn’t have a house to stay in and that he had to get an operation.

“He showed me the letters saying he was getting an operation but it turns out it was nothing to do with cancer at all. It was a gastric thing.

Injuries sustained by the woman she claims at the hands of Barry McCafferty

“I genuinely felt sorry for him. I couldn’t help my mum so in a way I thought that maybe I could help him a wee bit but he played on that.

“When we both left the hospital, I told him he could stay at mine. But he knew exactly what he was doing.

“I don’t know how I didn’t realise at the time because now I can see it. He fed me this b******* story about his life and when I realised who he was, I realised I needed him out.

“But he kicked off and went absolutely crazy. He locked me in for around two hours and took my phone and keys off me."

The victim claimed that he dragged her by the hair and smashed her head against the radiator.

She continued: “I was vulnerable because of my mental health but they found out what my condition was and I got medication for it so I was actually fine.

“He called the police himself and told them that I was a risk and I was threatening to kill myself.

“So when the police initially came, they had actually thought they were coming for me.

“But when they saw the state of the house - my hair was everywhere, the covers were all off my bed from where he had dragged me off.

“But in court, there was a 10 minute recording of the call and you could hear me shouting to them that he had punched me.

“When they arrived, he was acting all calm and telling them to come into the kitchen but they could see my hair all over the floor.

“I told them he had dragged me off the bed and they could see the covers were all off. That’s when they started questioning him and he started going absolutely ballistic.

“It took seven or eight people to get him out of my house into a van because he’s a big boy.

The victim claimed that she had bruises on her chest and had to go to the hospital because of how hard he had punched it so hard because she had inflammation on my breast bone.

After the attack, the victim learned that McCafferty had been convicted of assaulting another woman in April 2018 during a chillingly similar incident.

She’s urging other women to be wary of McCafferty when he’s released from jail.

She added: “I don’t think many people know about him but he’s very, very manipulative.

“He’s a very violent man. I know he’s done this before and I think there’s a chance that he could do it again.”