A Scots man was left horrified after paying £17 for a "tasteless" takeaway that would have any "Nonna drop to her knees and scream to the Gods of Ancient Rome".

Scott Gibson shared a photo of his 'carbonara' from Coco Di Mama in Edinburgh but was less than impressed by the expensive dish that had him wishing he had whipped up a meal himself.

Quick to warn others so they didn't make the same mistake, Scott shared a snap of the Deliveroo order on Instagram.

He wrote: "Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a Carbonara from the soulless husks at Coco Di Mama…a pasta dish so badly put together, so tasteless…it would make any Nonna drop to her knees and scream to the Gods of Ancient Rome 'perché, perché, perché'.

"The moral of the story is this…don’t take a chance on Deliveroo …and cook your damn self."

He shared the caption alongside a plate of pasta and piece of garlic bread which came in at a whopping price at £16.56 on Deliveroo, Edinburgh Live reports.

The carbonara is described on Coco Di Mama's Deliveroo page as "succulent ham hock, smoked bacon and pancetta in a velvety crème fraiche and Italian white wine sauce" and comes in at £8.05 for the pictured portion.

Scott said : "It was horrendous - the only way I can describe it is like when Homer Simpson opens up a can of cranberry sauce and it all falls out shaped like a can - that is exactly what the carbonara.

"It came in a large pot like you'd use for soup, all the pasta is in it and it's congealed - it's as if they've cooked the pasta and left it for a while and then just dumped some sauce on top.

"I got a garlic bread that you could hammer nails in and I was meant to get chips and they didn't even turn up."

"It slopped out on the plate - when you see it on the Deliveroo it looks pure fancy, it's worse than the microwave meal and I paid more for a 'grande'."

Edinburgh pasta delivery service Coco Di Mama recently opened not just one, but two sites in the Scottish capital.

Coco di Mama is an Italian-inspired takeaway offering large pots of pasta, garlic breads and desserts (yes, it's very carb heavy) at budget-friendly prices with dishes such as slow-cooked bolognese and vegan lentil ragu.

Coco di Mama was contacted for comment.

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