A care home resident has been reunited with a beloved Labrador after a year kept apart by Covid restriction s.

Great-grandad Sarah Ward, 88, got to hug his “best friend” Archie, a six-year-old black lab owned by his son Craig.

A ban on visiting pets has been enforced at Tor Na Dee care home in Aberdeen for the past year.

But Archie was delighted to be back for a surprise visit with his owner, a police officer.

Father-of-three William, who has four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, has a special bond with Archie
since the kindly dog found him after he suffered a series of strokes.

William’s son, Craig, 43, said: “It was wonderful to see my dad and Archie reunited
at last.

“They have such a close bond and it was great to see the smile on my dad’s face when we brought Archie into the garden.

“They’ve really missed each other and I know my dad is looking forward to being able
to spend more time with him again.”

Care home manager Maureen Barrett said: “Studies show that animals can help lift people’s mood and increase social interaction, as well as provide companionship for older people.

“William has really missed Archie, especially as they share such a close bond, and it was wonderful to see them finally reunited in the garden.

“Judging by Archie’s wagging tail and obvious excitement to see William again, we think he’s happy to be back too.”