A drug detection dog has sniffed out more than £90k worth of illegal goods over the past year.

Zoe, of Orkney Drug Dog, has been able to prevent substantial amounts of drugs from flooding the islands from April 2020 to March 2021.

The intelligent pup was able to detected the large quantity through a series of searches at Post Offices, air and ferry ports in Orkney.

Orkney Drug Dogs has been working in partnership with Police Scotland to highlight the impact and level of drug misuse and abuse on the islands.

Charity chairman Andrew Drever said: “We are committed to continue our partnership work with Police Scotland whereby Zoe, our drugs detection dog and her handler search out illegal drugs coming into, and within, Orkney through regular searches at the Post Office, our air and ferry ports and through assisting with warrant searches.

“As can be seen, there are considerable quantities and types of drugs within our community and with the support of the public, we will continue working towards keeping Orkney safe through directly reducing the harm caused by illegal drug misuse, impact on drug related offending, and bringing positive outcomes for our community.”

Police Scotland praised the charity for assisting the force in tackling drug crime on the islands.

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Orkney Area Commander, Chief Inspector Matt Webb, said: “Police Scotland is absolutely committed to acting on information provided by the public to reduce the availability of drugs in our community and minimise the harm they cause.

“Thankfully a significant quantity of illegal drugs bound for streets throughout Scotland have now been seized and I would like to thank Orkney Drugs Dog for their continuing detection and deterrent work – the charity has a significant impact in minimising harm not only locally, but in communities nationwide.

“Zoe and her handler are not only committed to detecting and stopping people transporting drugs to Orkney, but carry out a fantastic programme of drugs education and prevention in schools and to other group which will hopefully resume in the near future once restrictions ease.

“I cannot praise the charity enough for the contribution they make to helping keep our community a safe place to live.”

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