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Scots dad stunned after two wax melt burners EXPLODE in home setting carpet ablaze

A DAD told how two wax melt burners he bought from bargain giant Poundstretcher exploded - settling alight his carpet.

Benjamin Forster, 26, picked up the devices from his local store in Alloa, in a bid to freshen up the home he shares with his girlfriend after they welcomed a new puppy into their lives.

He lit a tea candle under each burner, placing one in his upstairs hallway on a saucer and the other downstairs on top of the fridge.

Minutes later he heard an almighty bang and raced upstairs to find the carpet on fire.

The oil worker said: “The flames were about two inches high - I couldn’t believe it.

“In a panic, I raced to the bathroom and filled our toothbrush holder with water to douse the fire.


“The whole thing had combusted and shattered. I found part of it at the other side of the hallway.

"Then seconds later, the other one did the exact same thing. Thankfully there was no fire but the heat melted the top of my fridge.”

Benjamin immediately returned to the store to alert management - and pleaded for them to remove the rest of the stock, which cost £2.99 each.

He said: “I am furious, do they not understand the seriousness of it? They could be lethal, imagine if someone mistakenly left them in the house when they popped out of worse, had gone to bed?

“Or if children were in the house? The instructions say not to put them on a flammable surface, but I placed the one in the hallway on a saucer.”

Benjamin complained to the head office, but he revealed that the product is still on sale.

I am furious, do they not understand the seriousness of it?

Benjamin Forster

He added: “It makes me worry - they’re not safe and an accident waiting to happen.”

Benjamin is also fuming that they’re refusing to compensate him for the damage the products did to his carpet.

He added: “I mean, it would cost £60 to replace or something - I’m not exactly asking them to buy me a new fridge because we shouldn't have put it on that surface.

“I just think their service and complete lack of responsibility is shocking. I want to warn others.”

A Poundstretcher spokeswoman said: “Poundstretcher takes seriously product safety and has robust procedures and safety checks in place for all products.

“This particular product is safe when used correctly and when the warning instructions are followed.”

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