Gordon Ramsay was left speechless after a make-up artist transformed herself to look like the Scottish chef.

The Hell’s Kitchen star was amazed as he watched artist Lisa Lacao alter her appearance using make-up.

Lisa, from Kent, is known for making herself look like other celebs such as Ozzy Osbourne and Freddie Mercury. However, the 29-year-old had not yet had a celebrity respond to her videos until Gordon, 54, spotted it on TikTok.

The make up artist transformed herself into the Scots TV chef

Lisa posted the video of her transformation last week on to her TikTok page and chef Ramsay reacted to it on Sunday.

He captioned his version of the video: “The female me? Stop it.”

Lisa starts to transform her face with the sound of Gordon from one of his previous shows playing in the background.

After watching the video progress, Gordon finishes by saying: “Shut the front door.”

Speaking yesterday, Lisa said: “I was more shocked than anything. I have done a few celebs now and he’s been the first to respond. I started it to keep myself busy and practise my make-up skills during lockdown.”

One, @tex-carpy, posted: “This might be the first time in history Gordon Ramsay has been speechless.”

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