Scotland fans were left fuming after Asda launched a pizza decorated like an England flag in celebration of Euro 2020.

The new patriotic product has stirred up a reaction from the Tartan Army who claim the supermarket have 'forgotten' about Scotland and Wales.

The limited edition deep pan pizza features a tomato and mozzarella base with pepperoni slices arranged to make up the England flag.

Scotland and England are due to go head-to-head this week at Wembley Stadium in what is gearing up to be one of the most historic games in football history.

The pepperoni pizza with the England flag was shared on social media

One wrote: "They won’t sell well in Wales & Scotland."

Another commented: "So have Scotland just been forgotten about."

A third wrote: "What about Scotland?"

Others complained about the design of the pizza and noted that the pepperoni was not evenly spread.

One wrote: "So you'll mainly be eating a cheese pizza."

"You would have to reshuffle all those pepperoni slices before you stick it in the oven."

An Asda spokesperson told the Daily Record: ''All of our stores are celebrating the Euro's in their own creative ways and alongside our Breakfast Pizza it's great to see our pizza counter colleagues creating their designs supporting England, Wales and Scotland in the tournament.''