A Scottish charity worker has been put in a grim ­detention centre in Albania since his release from jail after 13 years of protesting his innocence.

David Brown, who maintains he was fitted up by police for offences against children, hoped to fly back to Scotland at the weekend.

But red tape meant he was taken into custody at the Karrec Detention Centre near Tirana, which has been slammed for human rights violations, while authorities sort out who is paying for the flight back to the UK.

Brown, 69, thanked supporters as he walked free from a high-security prison in Tirana on Friday after being jailed in 2008.

His release comes years after two abuse victims admitted they had been forced to fabricate evidence against him and tell lies in court.

Klajdi Korreshi, who has supported Brown for 15 years by sending food and essentials to prison, said his friend was frustrated by his latest period of detention.

He said: “I have met David several times in that detention centre since he was taken there. He cannot wait to get back home.

“Obviously, he is frustrated because he does not know when he will be able to fly to London then home in Scotland. David cannot stop thinking about his next moves in having his conviction quashed and clearing his name”.

Brown was convicted on the basis of the testimony of two boys who later claimed they had been forced to lie by corrupt police.

David Brown leaving prison in Albania

He was sentenced to 20 years in jail, reduced to 13 for good behaviour.

The former Children’s Panel chairman was alleged to have attacked children at a home he ran for troubled kids in the country.

After his initial release last week, Klajdi, 33, said: “I met him in 1999 when I was 11 and he is like a father to me.”

The boys – Andon Qoshlli and Denis Aliu – said police and a psychologist pressured them to make false statements.

The evidence of Andon Qoshlli (L) and Denis Aliu brought a long jail sentence - but both now say they were forced to tell lies in court

Brown’s solicitor Gjystina Golloshi confirmed he was being held in detention pending his deportation.

She said: “David is kept in Karrec Detention Centre waiting to be be sent to London, then Scotland.

“It is the duty of Albanian emigration authorities to provide a ticket for him. They are trying to find the money and to do that.

“At the moment, we are not in position to say when that it will be done but we hope during this week David can get back home.”

Conditions in Karrec Detention Centre for Foreigners were slammed in a report by the Council of Europe.

Many of the sanitary facilities were dilapidated and in “appalling hygienic conditions”, a report said.