A 12-year-old "jumped" by other girls at a Middlesbrough school was filmed by jeering pupils who posted footage of the attack on social media.

Police are investigating after the schoolgirl was 'put in a headlock, punched and kicked' by a fellow pupil at Trinity Catholic College as students recorded.

The "disgusting" attack, which took place on Monday, September 13, was uploaded to Facebook.

The girl's shocked parents were only alerted to the video by friends who had seen the footage circulating on social media, Teesside Live reports.The family were left in tears after seeing their daughter "bullied" while children were "laughing in the background of the video".

They also say that the school had "totally let her down in regard to safeguarding and their duty of care".

The heartbroken mum said: “It was a pre-planned attack and the girl jumped her basically.

Cleveland Police are investigating the attack at Trinity Catholic College in Middlesbrough (


Katie Lunn)

“This girl told everyone she was going to beat her up.

“She’s two times the size of her and taller than her.

“She gets her by the hair, puts her in a headlock and kicks her.

“She also punched her in the eye which you don’t see on the video.

“What’s sad is people recorded it.

“You can hear kids laughing in the background of it.

“When I first watched it, I was actually crying because it was just awful.”

The "completely unprovoked" assault happened during the lunchtime break outside of the dining hall.

The victim had been worried about going to school before the attack (


Katie Lunn)

She also explained that the girls had a "falling out" a number of days before.

The mum added: “What happened was my daughter (and) another another girl had a little bit of a falling out between them.

“The middle girl [in the group of three] started having a go at my daughter.

“She started texting her over the weekend giving her grief. There were no threats or anything like that.

“I just told her to block her number and to keep out of it.

“So, it literally just started as an argument between friends.”

However, the youngster went to school on Monday and was “worried” about sitting next to the girl in class who she had been arguing with.

But on that day, a “fight happened” as the school rang to say it has been “dealt with, the girl's parents have been spoken to and the girl has been isolated for one week”.

But when the girl came home, she told her mum that she had been asked if she was going to “fight” the girl, to which she said “no”.

The Middlesbrough mum then received a message from a friend asking if she’d 'seen the video [of her child] on Facebook”.

After being sent the clip, she immediately rang the school to ask why she wasn’t told about the fight being recorded.

She reported that the teacher told her “I thought we deleted them all [the video clips]” and that teachers had gone through pupils’ phones and iCloud drive to delete it.

“They should have come to me to make me aware the video had been taken,” she added.

The mum said she has 'never felt so disgusted in all her life' after watching the video of daughter being "pulled by her hair and kicked".

She turned to social media and uploaded a Facebook status to make parents aware of the incident and ask them to check their children’s phones for the video.

The family are still “upset” that the school has failed to alert parents to the video still being on student’s phones.

She added that the school, which is ran by Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust (NPCAT), have “dealt with it terribly”.

The youngster has now moved school as they “didn’t feel comfortable sending her back”.

The mum is also calling for schools to “crackdown” on phones and inflict “harsher punishments” if students are caught with them during school hours.

She suggested that teachers should confiscate phones and only return them to parents.

“It would be annoying for kids that they wouldn’t have their phones and annoying for parents to have to collect them,” she said.

The family hope to raise awareness of bullying and online bullying when children return home - "a place where they should feel safe".

Cleveland Police said the incident is being recorded as common assault.

A force spokesperson said: “Police received a report of a 12-year-old girl being assaulted whilst at school and it was also claimed there is a video of this alleged incident in circulation.

“At the parent’s request a phone appointment has been made so we can discuss what happens next.

“The incident has currently been recorded as common assault and inquiries are ongoing.”

The Mirror has approached the school for comment.

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