A mum was full of pride after her son came home from the park with a purse he had found in the street.

Lisa Kelly said her son Cody was playing in Mersey Park in Tranmere with his cousin Michael Holmes on Sunday, when they came across a purse lying in the road.

Unsure of what it was at first, nine-year-old Cody kicked the item before realising it was a purse with a chihuahua design on it.

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The boys brought the purse home, which had debit cards and £24.10 inside it, and told Lisa what had happened.

Cousins Cody Kelly (left) and Michael Holmes (right), aged nine and eight.
Cousins Cody Kelly (left) and Michael Holmes (right), aged nine and eight

Lisa, 41, told the ECHO: "We live by the side of the park and he's been out playing there and they've come back with it.

"He just said 'mum look what I've just found.' He said they were walking down the road and it looked like a teddy. He kicked it at first and as he's picked it up he realised it's a purse.

"I said 'we'll get this to the rightful owner Cody, well done for finding it.'

"I'm so proud of him. I keep thinking to myself some other kids would have taken that to the shop and spent it on sweets but he brought it home."

After sharing a post in a community group on Facebook, Lisa managed to find the owner of the purse, Helen Daff.

Helen, 55, from Port Sunlight, said she mislaid the purse eight days ago while visiting her niece in the area and had given up all hope of finding it.

She said: "I was resigned to the fact I'd lost it and thought 'hey ho.' I was more gutted about the purse than anything else - it's a purse with a chihuahua face on it.

"I run a chihuahua owners group on Facebook so I was more gutted about that and also the fact a loyalty card I was going to get my nails done with was in there and it was full."

Helen said she arranged to collect the purse yesterday (October 18) and gave Cody £10 from her purse as a reward.

She added: "He was a really nice young lad. His mum said 'I've always taught him to be honest and tell the truth and he's done it.

"I said thank you for being so honest and I gave him a tenner. If I knew his cousin was involved I would have left all the money."

Helen said she's going to drop some sweets off for Cody and Michael this week and she has informed their school.