A young Cardiff City football fan who was born with no fingers on one hand is desperately trying to raise the funds to pay for his very own robotic arm.

Cian Morris, 11, was born without fully-formed fingers on his right hand and, while he has not let it get in the way of his life, he desperately wants a robotic arm called a "hero arm" to allow his independence to grow.

Cian's parents Zoe Rogers, 30, and Jamie Morris, 32, from Ystrad in the Rhondda found out about Cian's hand when Zoe was 20 weeks pregnant. Doctors put it down to what's called amniotic band syndrome, which happens when the fibrous band of the amniotic sack gets tangled around a developing foetus, but there is no known definite cause.

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Football-mad Cian currently plays for Ely Valley Football club and is a huge supporter of Cardiff City FC and excels at the sport.

Cian said: "I was born with no fingers on one of my hands. I have been called names a little bit but I have overcome that and just ignored everybody.

" I like going out to play football with my friends. I also play for a team, Ely Valley, and I really enjoy playing on my Xbox."

Cian is a massive football fan
Cian is a massive football fan

Cian was the first children in Wales to receive a prosthetic hand which was made by a 3D printer when he was just five years old.

However the hand had limited movement and was controlled by the wrist and he has since grown out of it.

Cian Morris aged five with his 3D printed plastic hand, which he has since grown out of

Cian explained that his old hand only allowed him to clench open and closed but the new hand will allow him to move all the fingers individually. While that arm cost just £60 the hero arm which will enable Cian to live more independently costs £13,000.

“I will be able to do up my tie for school and put two goalie gloves on to play in goal,” he said. Cian is currently the reserve goalkeeper at his football team and prefers it to playing outfield.

“I would feel really happy and proud. Instead of people asking me what happened people will be like: ‘Oh that is so cool!’

“On sports day in my old school I couldn’t do skipping, throwing balls with two hands. Putting the toothpaste on my toothbrush, opening the soap in the shower, riding the bike sometimes, and the scooter because I sometimes lose grip. It will help me a lot with mostly everything I do.”

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Cian with mum Zoe and dog Daisy
Cian with mum Zoe and dog Daisy

Cian is hoping that Cardiff City will win the league this year. He said: "They did go into the Premier League in 2018 and I was in the game and ran on the pitch and celebrated with everyone in the stands."

Mum Zoe said she decided to launch a fundraising page to pay for the new robot hero arm after doing research with her husband Jamie. Now, with Cian having just started secondary school, it is the perfect time for him to get that extra independence.

"We have always researched different technology that can help him live a normal life – not that he doesn't now but anything just to help him along.

"With this one he will be able to move each of the fingers as it works with sensors. He will be able to pick things up, use a knife and fork – the little things.

"He rides a bike now but he wants to be able to go up the mountain on it but he can't get that sturdy enough grip with the one hand.

"He has just started secondary school so it is the little things like doing his tie, getting changed for PE."

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