Scarlett Moffatt has claimed she was once turned away from a London nightclub – for being too short.

The pint-sized Gogglebox star, who is just 4ft 11in, didn’t reveal where the incident happened, but said the doormen were “so mean”.

“I once tried to get into a club in London and I wasn’t let in,” she revealed, according to the Daily Star.

“But it was like the doormen were very particular about who they let in – which I can’t believe is still a thing. This was 2019 or whatever.

“I went to come and he was like ‘Nah, you’re too short’. I’m 4ft 11in – but I just think that’s so mean.”

The 30-year-old reality star is in a relationship with policeman Scott Dobinson, who she began dating in 2019 after knowing each other “for years”.

Scarlett claims she was once turned away from a club for being too short (


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The pair met in their 20s when Scott was a doorman in County Durham (



Together the loved-up duo present the Scarlett Wants To Believe podcast on BBC Sounds.

In a recent episode talking about soulmates and whether they exist, Scarlett – who believes Scott is hers – revealed she first met him when he was working as a doorman in their native Country Durham.

“So Scott used to be a doorman, but he wasn’t your stereotypical doorman,” Scarlett told listeners.

At the time Scott was 21 and said Scarlett “didn’t really say hello or anything, but we knew who each other were”.

“Have you fancied us since then?” Scarlett asked.

“Yes I’ve always thought you were attractive,” said Scott.

Scarlett told Scott she had always fancied him. “I’ve always thought you were very, very handsome.”

The I'm A Celebrity winner said her and Scott eventually got together when she messaged him on social media.

“I’m not embarrassed to admit this, actually we got together because I commented on a photo of Scott.”

Scarlett and boyfriend Scott have been together since 2019 (



The pair might have got together sooner, had it not been for Scott already having a girlfriend.

Scarlett recalled how she once slipped into his Facebook DMs in 2014 - and Scott’s then girlfriend was not impressed.

“I was like, ‘Scott’s fit, I’ll ask him how he is and stuff’, because that’s the kind of person I am.”

When they became a couple years later, Scarlett posted a screenshot of one of their first conversations with the caption they were “always destined to be together”.

She explained: “Obviously at the time you had a girlfriend – which is why it didn’t go any further.

“But this ex of his, she made a TikTok out of it, as if like saying I was creeping on Scott when she was with him – but I genuinely didn’t know they were together.”

Scott chipped in: “And also it wasn’t even a creepy message. It was just like ‘hiya, how are you?’ and keep up the good work because I’d put a progress photo up of when I was losing weight.”

Earlier this year, Scarlett shocked fans when she announced she and Scott had broken up – but the pair reconciled just 24 hours later.

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