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Savvy shopper turns £30 shelving unit into stunning gin table with just a bit of paint

A THRIFTY shopper has revealed how she saved herself £50 by transforming a dull-looking shelving unit into a stunning gin table.

Rachael Whittle, 27, took matters into her own hands after failing to find a drinks unit that she liked for under £100.

Instead of forking out all that money, Rachael, a make-up sales assistant from Kent, decided to buy a much-cheaper shelving unit for £30 from Clas Ohlson.

She then jazzed up her bargain find by spray painting it with copper paint to match the rest of her home.

Rachael says she used Rust-oleum spray paint, which costs £8.99 from Screwfix, to decorate the frame of the trolley.

She also painted the shelves of her unit white with Wilko's £8 own-brand gloss.

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Taking all the costs into account, her new gin cabinet cost her £46.99 to make - a saving of £53.01 compared to the more expensive buys she considered.

However, if you don't already have paint, we found a tub of 59ml white gloss from B&M for £3.29.

This would take the total cost of the drinking trolley down to £42.28.

Speaking to The Sun, Rachael told us it took around a week to finish, due to work taking up her time and allowing the paint to dry.

She said: "I had a little table to display my gins on beforehand which family and friends loved when they visited.

"However, the collection started growing and the table was nowhere near big enough anymore.

"When looking online for something bigger they were all just so expensive. I literally couldn’t find one for under a £100.

"Preferably I wanted a copper one as that matches my house decor and possibly three shelves which was hard to find."

Her new creation has so far received over 6,700 likes on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook page by admirers who called it "amazing" and "such a good idea".

One poster said: "Now that's a gin bar."

While someone else replied: "What a dream!"

And another person said: "Not only am I impressed with your makeover, I’m also very impressed with your gin collection!"

You can technically get a drinks trolley for cheaper, especially if you're not after a particular colour or design.
For example, you can pick up this stainless steel version for £17.99 from Amazon - a saving of £23.50 based on the one Rachael created.

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