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'Save them from the Taliban!' Boris urged to allow Afghan interpreters to relocate to UK

Afghanistan: Taliban leader sends US troop withdrawal warning

This comes amid fears that Afghan interpreters are in immediate danger and facing the threat of death from the Taliban. General Lord Dannatt, along with more than 35 senior military commanders penned a letter to the Prime Minister, Defence Secretary and Home Secretary.

They wrote that they are “gravely concerned” that Afghan's who worked with the British forces and “stood shoulder to shoulder with [them] on the battlefield” may face death.

“We urge the Government to act immediately,” they wrote.

“Time is of the utmost essence to save the lives of those who served alongside our servicemen and women in Afghanistan and who saved countless British lives.

“If any of our former interpreters are murdered by the Taliban in the wake of our withdrawal, the dishonour would lay squarely at our nation’s feet."

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British Troops

Currently, 2,200 Afghans have relocated to the UK (Image: Getty)

British troops

Last month Boris Johnson announced that the UK has withdrawn from Afghanistan after 20 years (Image: Getty)

Currently, 2,200 Afghans have relocated to the UK.

These include ex-translators, staff and their close relatives.

The Government claims it has assisted the relocations.

Sulha Alliance, an Afghan interpreters campaign group, estimated that 3,000 translators that worked with the British forces as well as 4,000 other staff still remain in Afghanistan.

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United Kingdom military power

United Kingdom military power (Image: Express)

These estimates mean that there are thousands of people whose lives are potentially at serious risk.

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: “We owe a huge debt of gratitude to interpreters who risked their lives working alongside UK forces in Afghanistan…

“Nobody's life should be put at risk because they supported the UK Government to bring peace and stability.”

Last month Boris Johnson announced that the UK has withdrawn from Afghanistan after 20 years.

He said there could never be a “perfect time” to withdraw.

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