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Samsung launches £1600 VERTICAL TV dubbed Sero that’s designed for phone-obsessed Millennials

SAMSUNG has launched a 43 inch vertical TV designed to flip and show you vertically filmed content on a large screen.

The tech giant announced that the TV, called "The Sero", is now available to buy in the UK.

Samsung said: "Defined as the TV that champions content viewing in as many ways possible by rotating between horizontal and vertical orientations,

"The Sero is now on sale and available to purchase in selected retailers and from

"Tapping into a generation of social media users, Samsung’s revolutionary brand-new Lifestyle TV ushers a new era of content consumption and delivers a mobile-optimised experience whilst rotating the screen automatically to mirror mobile content.

"The screen can also be rotated by remote control, voice command and via the SmartThings app."

If you're tempted to buy this smartphone friendly TV then it will set you back £1,599.

The Sero is currently only available with a navy blue bezel design.

It's been specially designed for the millennial generation by quickly syncing with your phone to help you rifle through social media feeds on a big screen.

Then you can stroll over and swing the screen to landscape mode for TV shows and films.

Samsung says it "analysed the characteristics of the Millennial generation" to come up with the strange design.

Aside from the gimicky rotating screen, the telly boasts a 4.1-channel, 60-watt high-end speaker that can blast music from your smartphone or one of various music streaming platforms.

When not in use, it can switch to become a giant digital photo frame.

The Sero originally went on sale in South Korea last year for a whopping £12,600.

Samsung unveils £12,000 VERTICAL TV dubbed Sero that’s designed for phone-obsessed Millennials

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