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Sam Faiers slammed for letting her daughter break £40k crystal car during photoshoot

'so spoilt!'

SAM Faiers has come under fire from The Mummy Diaries viewers after allowing her kids to break a £40,000 car during a photoshoot.

In scenes that aired last night the 29-year-old and her sister Billie decided to go all out for their Christmas photoshoot – including hiring the car which was covered with 100,000 Swarovski crystals and accompanied by a security guard.

The sisters, who had also rented a 14th century Georgian manor house, admitted they were nervous about using the vehicle.

Billie said: "We've hired this amazing crystallised car. And were just standing there thinking please, please don't break."

Not surprisingly, it all turned to chaos as the kids all tried to pose in the car at the same time.

Once Nelly had stormed off, Sam’s kids Rosie and Paul jumped in and Rosie started pulling on the windscreen.

Big Paul could be heard telling her to get off it but it was too late as it suddenly cracked – leaving everyone gobsmacked.

Sam explained: "Rosie has lent up into the windscreen and it's cracked. You know like when it's tumbleweed and it went really quiet. I sort of just froze. Trust it to be one of my kids as well.

"There is no way I'll be able to fork out 40k for this car."

She tried to say sorry to the security guard and offered to pay for the plastic – but those watching at home were baffled about why the kids were allowed near it.

One person tweeted: “Sam Faiers literally lets her kids do anything they want with no discipline. Even climbing all over a £40000 Swarovski toy car and then moan because they break it.”

A second added: “#MummyDiaries nah let kids play with dough not 40 grand cars... get a grip. Switching over now it’s quite  pathetic See-no-evil monkey.”

While a third wrote: “Does anyone else think that Paul & Rosie get away with murder? You see Billie tell her kids off when they’re naughty but Sam just seems to give in to whatever they want & excuse it as strong willed. #mummydiaries.”