A salon owner was left traumatised after she was robbed at knifepoint by two thugs in her shop while on the phone to her dying granddad.

Kelly Fogg, 45, felt so unsafe after the ordeal that she closed the shop she had "built up from nothing" and quit the industry.

She had opened the Pin-Up Parlour in West Derby in 2010 and ran it for five years, with classes that also taught young make-up artists wanting to work in the industry.

One night in 2015, she was on the phone with her grandad - who she called dad after he brought her up - while he was ill in hospital and she found herself alone in the salon one night.

Kelly told the LiverpoolECHO : "I'd just finished a class teaching a bunch of students and I was on my phone to my dad.

This is Kelly's former salon that she opened in West Derby in 2010 (


Liverpool Echo)

"I'd locked the door and the lights were on. I'd been doing this five years and to me, this night was no different.

"I was behind the counter and I heard this bang and I thought a chair had fallen over. When I looked up there were two men standing in the shop.

"They'd kicked the door in and broken the lock. One of the men stood in front of me and I heard my dad saying on the phone, 'is everything okay?'

"I cut him off as I didn't want him worrying has he was in the Royal at the time."

One of the men grabbed her by the throat and pushed her into the corner of the shop while the older man stood in the doorway.

They told her to hand over her phone and any cash.

Kelly said: "I told them I don't have any money on me and you're not getting my phone as it's the only lifeline I have to my dad who's in hospital.

"As I went to move the guy in the doorway pulled out a knife that was like something Michael Myers would have out of Halloween. The other one had run over to the till but there was no money in it.

Kelly has found her passion again with designing nails like this (


Liverpool Echo)

"The one with the knife was edging towards me and I kept repeatedly pressing the panic button thinking where are the police?

"The guy with the knife said, 'nobody's coming to help you love.'"

Kelly refused to give anything up as the younger man tried to wrestle her bag from her grip.

Kelly said: "I was screaming and shouting and the one with the knife was telling me to shut up and saying we will hurt you."

The bag's strap broke and both men fled from the shop taking only Kelly's bag and its contents.

She added: "Once they'd gone I stood there sobbing and shaking. I didn't know what to do and people were walking past the shop and nobody asked if I was okay. Not long after the police turned up."

The men who robbed Kelly were never brought to justice, and her grandad died a few weeks after the attack - leaving Kelly heartbroken and devastated.

She claims neighbouring shop owners refused to give information to police over fears they would be targeted.

As a result, Kelly was left feeling unsafe and unsupported and shut her salon.

Kelly said: "I didn't want to get the bus home on my own. I thought will my customers be safe, what if they come back and I have a shop full of customers?

"I just couldn't do it. It went from being this little haven I'd made and I was so proud of myself for opening to having to close it down as I was going in on a daily basis thinking I can't settle and feeling sick in the shop."

Kelly took a job at a call centre - but last year she decided to get back into the beauty industry.

She said: "Someone messaged me and asked me to make her a set of press-on nails. The press-on nails were quite rude - they were for an online dominatrix!"

The nails Kelly created were a hit and images of them were shared all over the online nail forums.

And now, she is opening a new salon called Beauty Riot Liverpool in Crosby on Saturday, September 25.

She added: "I feel refreshed and almost reborn. I'm such a different person now as to how I was then because of what happened. But it's that whole what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

"It's a nice feeling. Like my dad's motto - 'life's for the living, and you've got to keep going'."

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