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Sally Lindsay rips into Northern stereotypes as she tears up rule book in drama Cold Call

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SALLY Lindsay has let rip at Northern stereotypes on screen as she tears up the rule book in drama Cold Call.

The four-part Channel 5 thriller reaches a climax tonight, but throughout the episodes, Sally and the production team have been keen not to fall into stereotyping working class people from the North of the country.

Speaking to The Sun Online and other media about the show, the former Coronation Street actress explained: "I think that's always been a constant thing when I get a script, it's the whippets, and the misery and the rain.
"Yes we do have all that, but my family laugh a lot and what's lovely about Cold Call and the way it was directed is we're allowed to portray these people, and their humour and love for each other.
"It wasn't all, oh my life is s**t. It was actually a proper working class representation.
"As opposed to 'we can't really smile on this as we're all in misery', that's constantly annoyed me."

The producers also made a conscious effort to give Sally's character June - who has all her money taken by a scammer on a cold call - a colourful wardrobe and home.

Bosses also wanted to show there was a lot of love and laughter in the family despite their hardships, so they had "something to lose" after the scam.

Sally, 46, also spoke about the way middle-aged women like her Cold Call character can become "invisible".

June is employed as a carer for the elderly mother of a rich local businessman, who she suspects runs the company that scammed her out of her money.

She said: "Her as a carer she becomes invisible [in the house].

"A woman of a certain age literally becomes invisible in our society, especially someone who is a low earner, it's almost like they don't exist.
"And I think that's the thing that June has had enough of, and it was great fun to play."

Cold Call continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.



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