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Sagittarius Pig Monthly horoscope: What your Chinese and Western zodiac sign has in store for you

IF you are a Sagittarius Pig, chances are you celebrate your birthday in November or December. This month, the sign is advised to not let others control their emotions so much and to follow their hearts.

In Chinese astrology, Pigs are born in these years: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019.

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Sagittarius Pig Traits

If there was a competition to name the "nicest" people in the world, these Pigs would walk it; year in year out, they don't have a single malicious, negative, nasty trait in their bones. 

They are vulnerable though - they're so laughably sensitive it would be comedic were it not such a burden to these happy souls.

Sagittarius Pigs have incredible concentration and are complete goal-setters. Nothing gets them out of their path. 

They are extremely responsible and know what their duties are, they will never require anyone to tell them anything more than once. 

These Pigs always remain calm in the face of adversity and have a solution to every setback. 

The Sagittarius Pig cannot stand criticism and are extreme perfectionists, they do not like to be called out when something is wrong. 

Pigs are charming and astute, their generous nature creates wonderful connections that can last a lifetime.

Types of Pig

Metal Pigs: Broad-minded, amicable, lazy but willing to help others.

Earth Pigs: Social butterflies, communicative, popular among their friends, and good time keepers. 

Wood Pigs: Earnest, lovable, easy-going, generous, and brave.

Fire Pigs: Dependent, cooperative, ambitious, persevering, but can be impatient.

Water Pigs: Gentle, modest, earnest, responsible, but subjective in life.

Love and compatibility

The Pig is most compatible with the Rabbit and the Goat

They are known as the people pleasers of the zodiac. 

The trio is often known as easy going, loving, but can be considered boring and cowardly.

The Rabbit can be detached, but the Goat is humble and civil.

The Pig is known as the most generous, sincere, and honorable of all the animals in the zodiac.

Contrarily, the Pig is least compatible with the Snake and Monkey. 

Pigs and Snakes will never compromise or see eye-to-eye. 

With the Monkey, the Pig will spend the entire time arguing and their relationship will just be full of tension.

It is advised that the Pig remain far from these signs in terms of personal relationships as they will not be in harmony. 

Lucky Numbers

The Pig’s lucky numbers are: 2, 5, 8.

Relationship to the year of the Rat 2020

My, oh my. What a year it has been for the Pigs.

The first half of the year was rough, but the second half looks more promising, Piggy. 

This sign has reached a new era in their life, with a mature outlook and ready to take on any challenge the rest of the year can bring. 

Sagittarius Pigs may be deterred by bad temper and poor concentration, but they must fight against the negativity to be overall winners.

They are advised to do as much as they can without stressing about the outcome, it is important they remain focused and prepared to end the year on a strong note.

The next two months will be crucial in their self-development and relationships, they must assert themselves and not let anyone try and take advantage of them.

In relationships, both single and married Pigs will experience heavy bouts of passion.

There may be a few bumps on the road but nothing too serious that will cause heartbreak or strife. 

Pigs, stay positive, keep working hard, and push through to the finish line.

The best is yet to come.

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