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Ruth Langsford reveals hidden extensions after menopause made her hair thin

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RUTH Langsford has revealed she has hidden hair extensions to make her hair thicker after the menopause left it feeling thinner.

The 59-year-old took to Instagram last night to show the secret of her voluminous locks as she underwent her transformation.

In the video she is seen getting long tapes added, which are then cut to her trademark style.

She told her followers:  “So you saw me just a minute ago with long long hair but I don’t have long hair. This is purely for thickness.”

Her hairdresser continued:  “We have added these tapes in – they last ten weeks.  We have put ten in your hair today.”

Ruth added:  “I like it because it does feel thicker.

“My hair has gone a bit thin with the menopause – the lovely old menopause.”

Ruth – who is married to co-presenter Eamonn Holmes – has also been open about how the menopause affects her.

Discussing having mood swings, she told Woman magazine last year: "I definitely feel like an angry old woman.

"I fight over very simple thing, and not always people, it can be inanimate objects in the house, or I bang myself or drop something and it's like a red rage - the language that comes out."

She also said she has struggled to lose weight since going through the menopause – and was unable to keep it off after doing Strictly.

"It completely affects my ability to lose weight,” she said.

“I try not to let it ruin my life but at least you're doing those things and you're going to boot camp. You're trying your best. As long as you're enjoying your life and living your life it's not all about your weight.”