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Royal Family LIVE: William and Charles to patch up 'distant' relationship – have new plan

GMB presenters discuss Daniel Craig at the James Bond premiere

According to Richard Palmer from the Daily Express, the pair have become closer after finding a common cause for action against climate change. He said: "Sources close to the family say Charles and William, whose relationship has been distant at times, have become closer after finding common cause on the need for action to combat climate change."

The pair have both been avid environmentalists with Charles admitting his pride over William. 

Kate Middleton and Prince William ignored a long list of rules when they met US singer Billie Eilish at the James Bond premiere, the singer has revealed.

Although the US singer was given a set of rules when meeting the royals, Eilish admitted the pair had ignored most of them and were "so normal".

Eilish, who also sang the theme tune for the new film, said Kate and William had been "very friendly and funny".

She said: "I tried to follow the rules. I was planning on it."

She also told host Jimmy Kimmel: "They were just so normal. They didn’t make me feel like, ‘Oh, I’m scared. I can’t talk to them'.

"They were very complimentary. And they had all these questions for me. They were just very friendly and funny and sweet. I can’t complain.”

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Royal Family

Royal Family: Kate and William were praised by the US singer (Image: GETTY)

Prince William rivals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as Earthshot prize moved to US

Prince William has rivalled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by moving his Earthshot Prize to the US.

The prize is a “new global prize for the environment, designed to incentivise change and help to repair our planet over the next 10 years".

During the award ceremony, the Duke of Cambridge issued a passionate rallying call for youngsters not to give up hope in this "decisive decade".

He urged people to feel "inspired and to act and demand".

David Atkins takes over from Steven Brown. 

Kate stuns crowds as she arrives at Earthshot awards with Prince William – PICTURES

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge left crowds stunned as she arrived at the Earthshot awards with Prince William.

The Duchess of Cambridge has arrived on the green carpet at Alexandra Palace with Prince William.

Kate is wearing the same McQueen dress she wore to the BAFTA event in LA in 2011.

The couple were seen talking to Jason Knauf, chief executive of their Royal Foundation, on the green carpet.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Image: Getty)

Next year could be Queen's toughest - the royals are already rebooting says CHRISTOPHER WILSON

Never before have we seen the Royal Family turn out in such force as in these past few months.

The Queen and Prince Charles are often to be seen side-by-side, while Kate, Camilla and the Queen travel to Scotland next month for the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

These are jobs which once would have been attended by a single generation of royals - now it's two and sometimes three.

The national emergency of the past 19 months has brought a greater need from the nation to engage, when possible, with our first family.

The other side of the coin is the defection of Prince Harry and the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew, two separate crises that have struck at the heart of monarchy and caused the remaining members to close ranks, think afresh and reboot their act.

As a strategy it's working, and working well. More positive news flows daily than ever before, and as a result the institution is looking less shaky than it was a few months ago.

Prince Charles and William plan 'to break with protocol' as they shun royal tradition

Prince William and his father Charles look set to break with royal protocol once the Queen passes away, according to a royal expert.

Charlie Rae, the former royal editor of The Sun, said that Prince William and Charles will break with royal protocol.

He told GB News that both men will break "the protocol that says they should not make public pronouncements" when they each take the throne.

This comes as William presides over a star-studded inaugural awards ceremony for his environmental Earthshot Prize at Alexandra Palace in London.

Prince Charles and William becoming closer

According to Richard Palmer from the Daily Express, the pair have become close over their pursuit to save the planet. 

He said: "Sources close to the family say Charles and William, whose relationship has been distant at times, have become closer after finding common cause on the need for action to combat climate change."

The pair have both spoken on the need to protect the climate, while Charles praised William and his Earthshot Prize award. 

Harry and Meghan at risk of seeing value of

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are at risk of seeing their Brand Sussex lose value in the US, after the couple signed up to another job role.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are at risk "diluting their brand," according to royal experts. This comes after the couple joined Ethic, an ethical investment firm that manages more than $1.3bn (£946m).

Palace Confidential host Jo Elvin suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could "deplete their value" by "spreading themselves around so much".

The Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden said: "They do seem to be successful.

"The last job Harry got was at BetterUp, a start-up advising businesses on mental health and wellness.

"And this week they announced they had a huge new investment in the company.

"So they seem good at attracting attention to these companies."

Kate Middleton is reportedly unable to perform a simple, everyday bodily function because of the constant media attention, a royal expert has claimed.

Daniela Elser has explained how Kate and the other members of the Firm are required to put on a “seamless, perfect performance” on every outing.

In a new column for, Ms Elser analysed how Kate’s interaction with Rami Malek on the red carpet earlier this month sums up how any working member of the royal family has to be on high alert at all times.

“For better or worse royalty is about slipping into one-shouldered Alexander McQueen confection, as Kate did, and, no matter the sleep deprivation of having a baby, getting out there giving good duchess,” the royal expert writes.

Royal Family

Royal news: The Royal Family tree (Image: Express)

Meghan Markle donates money to community kitchen

Meghan Markle's donations to a UK community kitchen have been branded as "lifesaving" for a local Nottingham community over the pandemic.

Meghan Markle has donated £10,000 to Himmah, a Nottingham-based charity that runs a food bank and works to tackle poverty and racism.

Himmah, the community project, provides more than 650 emergency food parcels every month to people across Nottingham.

It’s reported to be the only charity of its kind in the UK.

Charity trustee Bilal Hussain from Salaam Shalom Kitchen told the BBC: “We used to normally get about 70 or 80 meals out, whereas during the pandemic, we now get 150, 160 sometimes even 170 meals out."

He added: “The Duchess’ contribution has been a lifesaver for many, many people.”

Alan Titchmarsh "got very angry" with BBC over Royal Family report: "Rattled!"

Alan Titchmarsh was once left "rattled" by a BBC report on the Queen, the TV gardener revealing he "got very angry", archive reports show.

Alan has become one of the most famous TV gardeners of all time.

In the Eighties, he burst onto our screens as the horticulture expert on the long-running BBC TV show, Nationwide.

This led to his being invited to present coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 1983 — a role he would continue every year until 2013.

Later work with Gardeners' World made him a more familiar face.

Kate and William's timeline

Kate and William met at university and married in 2011. 

The pair have since had three children: George, Louis and Charlotte.

Royal news

Royal news: Kate and William's family tree (Image: Express)

‘Perfect initiative' Royal fans hail Buckingham Palace for going green

Queen Elizabeth has given permission for Buckingham Palace to be lit up in green to celebrate the Earthshot prize awards ceremony.

Later today, Prince William and his judges will give a £1 million prize to five different green entrepreneurs, inventors and project managers as part of the first-ever Earthshot Prize awards ceremony.

Divided into five categories created for the occasion (the restoration and protection of nature, air cleanliness, ocean revival, waste-free living and climate action), the winners will inaugurate the competition.

The Earthshot Prize is expected to last until 2030 and will award £5m every year.

Showing support for the prize, Buckingham Palace literally turned green with new lighting on Saturday evening.

On Instagram, the official account of the Royal Family reminded its 10m followers that the prize was “created by The Duke of Cambridge and The Royal Foundation” and “has led a worldwide search for the most inspiring and innovative solutions to the environmental challenges facing us all.”

Royal Family

Royal Family: The royals attended the premiere earlier this month (Image: GETTY)

Kate and William

Kate Middleton and Prince William ignored a long list of rules when they met US singer Billie Eilish. 

The singer told Jimmy Kimmel, she had been given a set of rules to meet the pair but the Cambridges didn't follow them at the James Bond premiere.

She told Jimmy Kimmel: "I tried to follow the rules. I was planning on it.

“They were just so normal. They didn’t make me feel like, ‘Oh, I’m scared. I can’t talk to them'."